Alert: Volusia County GSSF Match V February 5-6 canceled due to weather

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The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation (GSSF) is a community of GLOCK shooters & enthusiasts ranging in all levels of experience from new shooters to experienced shooters – there is a place for everyone. Our staff is always ready to help and our community of GSSF members is there to encourage and help new competitors through different steps of the match. GSSF is a perfect balance of friendly competition and competitive challenges. Are you interested in becoming a member? There’s a spot waiting for you at GSSF; sign up today!



Benefits of Membership


GSSF is a community. A place where people of all experience levels and ages come together to learn, connect and compete. Our members make GSSF what it is and what it is known for: an organization open and welcoming to any and every one.


All GSSF staff, as well as the Range Officers and members are fully committed to the principles of firearm safety at all competitions and matches. Our staff walks every new and returning member through the rules of the range and firearm safety making sure that everyone is fully educated and dedicated to the safety of everyone around them.


One of the benefits of being a GSSF member is that you have access to a variety of courses offered by GLOCK Training to learn the basic fundamentals of pistol maintenance, shooting and more.


GSSF matches are a place where family and friends can gather and enjoy their one common interest, shooting GLOCK, all while having fun and being a part of the GLOCK community!

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