Alert: Volusia County GSSF Match V February 5-6 canceled due to weather

Host a Match

Host a Match

For information on hosting an outdoor match at your club/range, fill out an Application to Host and send it in today.

Host Club Compensation

For the first 200 entries or less, the Host Club receives two certificates redeemable for GLOCK Firearms.

For every “round” 100 entries above 200 entries, the Host Club receives an additional certificate.

For entries “above” the last round of 100 entries, the typical per-entry fee to the host club is usually set at $4. Or the Host club can pay GSSF the difference for an additional certificate.

For example, let us assume a GSSF match totaling 470 match entries. The Host club would receive 4 GLOCK certificates for entries 1-400. The remaining 70 entries can be handled either of two ways at the Host club’s discretion.


  • GSSF pays the host club at $4 per entry (70 x $4 = $280). Or,
  • The Host club pays GSSF the difference ((500-470) x $4 = $120) for a fifth GLOCK firearms certificate.