Alert: Volusia County GSSF Match V February 5-6 canceled due to weather


Match Safety

If you are a new shooter it is best to seek the advice and instruction of a professional firearms instructor in your area. The type of class or classes you attend depends upon your intended use of your firearm.

Once you have learned the basics of safely handling and firing your firearm you can improve your firearm skills before shooting any match by setting goals for yourself and practicing.

Practice dry firing (manipulating the firearm with no ammunition) to help you achieve this goal.

Only perform dry firing with an unloaded firearm. You should not have any magazines with ammunition in the same room with you. Stand in a position that will support a steady hold. Grip the firearm firmly with both hands. Point the empty firearm in a safe direction with the sights in correct alignment with your target. Focus your dominant eye on the front sight and keep the front sight in line with the rear sight notch and target. Press the trigger until the striker falls, always keeping the sights aligned with the target.

Your goal is to be able to drop the striker while your sights remain unwaveringly fixed upon your aiming point. Draw back the slide slightly, just enough to reset the trigger mechanism and resume your normal shooting grip. Repeat as necessary until the sights remain on target every time you pull the trigger and drop the striker.

When you feel confident, practice live firing at a shooting range. Use the techniques you practiced dry firing. Remember that stages of fire and targets may change, but the techniques for shooting both accurately and quickly are always the same.

A new shooter should concentrate on accuracy more than speed. Shoot at your own speed to the best of your ability and have fun!